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Victims from the Metrolink Chatsworth disaster have until March 12, 2009 to file a claim against Metrolink and the owners of the railroad track, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA).

Chatsworth disaster victims have six months from the date of the accident to file a governmental claim. They can then file lawsuits only after their claim has been filed and 45 days have passed or the claim has been denied.

J. Clark Aristei, a mass disaster attorney representing 22 victims from both the Metrolink Chatsworth and Metrolink Glendale disasters, said at last count that he was aware of at least 45 injury claims and 24 death claims filed against Metrolink from the Chatsworth crash.

Aristei estimates that about 90 more claims may need to be filed within the next three weeks if the remaining passengers wish to preserve any claims they may have against Metrolink and LACMTA. “The victims’ claim for injuries against Metrolink and LACMTA will most likely be forever barred if they don’t get their claims filed by the March 12 deadline,” according to Aristei.

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